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About Attu Games

Hi, thank you for stopping by. 
We are a two-member team which is trying to make cool games :)

We've already released two games.
  • A puzzle platformer Toby: The Secret Mine (2015), which wasn't very good (actually quite bad) but we learned a lot.
  • And Feudal Alloy (2019), an action RPG with fish-controlled medieval robots.

Why do we need the money? 
We don't have any fancy office or something like that. We work from home and fund everything with our own money. So every $ will help pay our bills and feed our pets. :)
Our main goal is to stay independent and work without publishers, or anyone else who would tell us how we should make games. 

I don't have money to support this.
No problem at all! Sharing on social media is always appreciated!

About Patreon: 
Patreon is a web based platform wherein regular people can support various projects by pledging a certain amount of money every month to the projects.
5 of 100 patrons
When we reach 100 patrons, we'll start making weekly vlogs showing stuff we are working on in our home office. (Even though any talking on camera makes us feel embarrassed) :)  
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