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Appointment Television is a podcast with a name that sounds almost charmingly out-of-date. Who sits down to watch a certain TV show at a specific time any more? Who can even keep track of what’s worth watching and what’s terrible when there’s just so much TV out there?
We can!

Well, we try. Well, we try to try. Sometimes we're talking about big-name TV and new fall premieres, but just as often we talk about ancient TV no one watches any more, OR we have big conversations about TV and the world, OR we discuss the ethics of reality television, OR we argue about the best kind of TV to watch in a hotel. We dive into broad topics like reboots, romances, pilots and politics. Many TV podcasts focus their attention on a single show, diving deep into familiar topics every week; we prefer to be TV generalists, helping you to figure out what to watch when you're between shows and have an hour or two to kill.

We’ve been making Appointment Television for two years now, and we love doing it. But in order to grow and bring you better podcasts, worse puns, and more great TV coverage, we need some support. We’d like to upgrade our recording equipment, we’d love to have more listener interaction, we'd like to talk to people who make the TV we love, and mostly we’d love to cover our current costs (like web hosting and subscriptions and Margaret’s podcast juice supply). (Just kidding about the last part).

One of our very favorite things to hear from listeners is that you like hanging out with us each week. We love being able to bring you that friendship, experience, pedantry, goofiness, occasional teasing, and sheer, unadulterated love of television. Your support will help us keep doing it, and doing it better.

New to the show? Here's what our listeners think!

"This show is hilarious, informative, and entertaining. The three hosts have such a great rapport and are so often right on about the shows they discuss. And even when I disagree with them I still love to listen!" - Mkbgs, iTunes

"Every time I listen to this podcast, I find myself leaning forward like I plan to launch myself into the conversation... even when I have no prior knowledge, I'm taken in by the hosts." - kellovelie, iTunes

"First in friendship, fourth in penis jokes." - Cookiepants17, iTunes

"Appointment Television makes me feel like I'm keeping up to date on shows even if I'm not watching every single one. That said, they've got me to try shows I didn't think I'd like... Their TV Book Club is great." - MerylWilliams, iTunes

"These three... spend an inordinate amount of time laughing at their own comments." - howardandgary, iTunes

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