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About achumuchi

Attention! This page contains sexual images.

Thanks for watching!
Hi! We are a two-man Japanese Hentai comic Artist"Achumuchi".
Muchi(Scenario charge) mainly manages Patreon.
I'm not good at English.But I do my best to speak English! If you find something strange or unclear, please point out and ask questions.

Here, I will post the NSFW graffiti drawn by Inui Achu(drawing charge).

We love big boobs, bigger boobs and biggest boobs!


Achu draws and posts original NSFW graffiti as exercises and breaks during work intervals.
We are very happy to support you.

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You can see the difference between the graffiti posted on Twitter and adult graffiti.

The money will be used for work tools  and chicken breasts for health maintenance.

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The Chicken Breast we eat is replaced by Lean Beef

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