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A few years ago I made a spreadsheet to track my own guild ( I really missed an easy way to keep track of what your raid team is doing each week, so I focused on showing weekly and historical data in the spreadsheet. To keep this basic but fully customisable for all users I decided to simply put this data in a Google Spreadsheet instead of an actual website. Since Google Spreadsheets is not known for its reliable API capabilities I decided to write a robust external server to handle the data, and only use the spreadsheet as a shell to display it.


After using it just for ourselves for a couple of months and some encouragement I decided to share this with the community, not expecting the overwhelmingly positive response. Currently over 20.000 guilds have used the spreadsheet (6.000 actively), with more than 1.000.000 characters added.

Initially my goal and vision was to track every guild once every 5 minutes, essentially having an almost real-time extensive feed in the spreadsheet of a character's data. However, as you can imagine, with so many guilds it quickly becomes very costly to maintain (hundreds of dollars in server costs each month).


To make this clear, I made this tool for free and I intend it to be free. It is a passion of mine to create awesome things and share them with whoever enjoys it. If you have no issues with your guild only being refreshed once every few hours then I am glad for that and hope you have a lot of fun using the spreadsheet. I will never hide functionality or data behind a subscription.

However, I realise that there are those of you who are looking for a more real-time tool that refreshes data often. This is the reason I created this Patreon page. As a subscriber your guild will be refreshed at faster rates, allowing you to keep on top of your guild management. 

Of course, if you are happy with the spreadsheet as it is but just want to support its development you are also welcome to subscribe. All income will be spent on improving the servers and increasing the refresh speed of every single guild.

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you enjoy using the spreadsheet!

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