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Aufia is creating Stream & Youtube Content

I am creating LIVE stream & YouTube content. I like to play with my viewers on my stream. I would like to become a full time streamer and would enjoy anyone supporting my goal to help me out! I'm hoping to create more creative count by 2017. I want to make more Youtube videos, and have been inspired by my twitch stream to do so!
I will make content based off your suggestions if you want me to play something specific you can message me on here and I will think about doing a play through of the game. If you want me to wear a certain outfit in a video while playing a game on stream, or recommend anything in my video play let me know as far as gaming goes, I would like to work on some videos without webcam on but if you would prefer it I can do content for YouTube and gaming upon request.
If you truly enjoy what I do and believe in me please feel free to contribute to my Patreon. I'm hoping to get to know more people I like to socialize and talk to others even though I'm shy at first I'm pretty outgoing. I'm going to improve my stream more by the end of the year into next year! Thanks for the support everyone whose motivated and believed in me.
$0 of $500 per month
I want to be a full time streamer on Twitch in order to do that I need to make $500 monthly to support myself.
  1. I want to work on making plays of my gaming on YouTube.  ⋱
  2. I'd like to reach a 1,000 followers on: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter. ⋱
  3. I'd like to stream regularly games that people want to see me play. ⋱

For everyone that contributes through out the month, I'll personally make time to spend with you to play a game with you of your choice on stream if you're interested in playing a game with me. 

Sent to you:
I would like to also send a thank you gift to you including: Fan-sign made by Aufia with your name on it- or username. I want to send an Aufia Sticker I made to you. I'd like to send you a small piece of art I made in the care-package I put together for you.

Online benefits:
• Added to Aufia's: Snapchat & Steam group.
• If I do a monthly giveaway you will get extra chances to win in it.
•  You get an add to Aufia's Discord Channel with a special role for your contributions.

Thanks for checking out my Patreon if you are unable to support me please think about liking or subscribing to any of my pages listed on my Patreon.

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