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is creating short horror stories, movie reviews, and a podcast
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About Augie Peterson

Welcome! First, let me say thank you so much for your interest in my Patreon page!

On this page you'll find all kinds of cool content like:

  • early access to the short horror stories I post on my blog
  • patreon-only access to the podcast I host with my cat
  • access to my regular podcast episodes three days before they're public
  • stickers
  • signed books
  • and a LOT more!

I write stories, host a podcast, interview indie creators, and sometimes dabble in filmmaking, so no matter the tier you choose, you'll have access to more than just one type of media.

For more information about me and to enjoy the content I've been making, check out my website

Whether you decide to support me or not, I'm so thankful for you and the inspiration you give me by existing and enjoying my content.

DFTBA (Don't Forget to be Awesome)!
26% complete
If I can make it to $150 a month, not only will the podcast be self-sufficient, but I'll also be able to afford hosting fees for second podcast AND pay the voice actors I hope to hire to bring it to life. 

For a while now, I've had an audio drama I've wanted to make based on my short story The Woman on the Yellow Bicycle and if I can make it to this goal, we'll be one step closer to making it happen.

Here's a brief idea of what the series will be about: Avery, the main character from that story, will be filling her journal with stories from secondary characters from my other stories as she moves from home to home. it'll be a 12 part series that will hopefully feature more voices than just my own.

Once I reach this goal and finish producing the podcast, I'll upload the entire series in one go on Patreon so you won't have to wait between episodes to binge it!
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