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Gate of Breath
per creation
  • For a LIMITED TIME: Patreons that sign up before the next creation will receive a permanent thank you in the acknowledgments section of Volume 1's Kindle ebook! (Takes effect upon next creation release.)
  • Access to at least 7 chapters per creation that are released in advance of the public schedule.
  • Access to original art, character designs, and sketches. 
  • An official thank you from me on at the end of the next public chapter release. 

Unlocking the Gate of Breath grants the awakened incredible physical vitality, strength, and endurance. Breathers rarely tire and can perform superhuman feats of strength. 
Gate of Spirit
per creation
All the previous rewards PLUS:
  • Free ebook in mobi, epub, and azw3 ahead of public release. 
  • Character polls and monthly Q&As
  • A behind-the-scenes look at my writing and drawing process ahead of every creation. 

Unlocking the Gate of Spirit grants the awakened greater control of their mind and a well of mental dexterity and focus. It is nearly impossible to cast mid and top-tier spells without first becoming a Spirited.

Gate of Radiance
per creation
All the previous rewards PLUS:
  • A permanent thank you in the official ebook (if you were a Patron at the time of the ebook's release, your name/username will be featured in the acknowledgements page at the end of the book.)
  • My eternal grattitude!

Unlocking the Gate of Radiance multiplies the awakened's aura reserves and affinity for magic. Even those unblessed with natural magical talents can become devastatingly powerful mages as Radiants.  


per creation


Hello! Welcome to my Patreon page. I'm the author of Even a Hero Needs a Vacation Every Now and Then. The story is currently being released for free as a web series on ScribbleHub.

You can also sign up for my free newsletter, where you'll receive the prequel short story and other Tipsy Pelican Tavern story tidbits that can't be found elsewhere. 


Thank you for your interest in supporting me and the story! Instead of taking a monthly donation, I've decided to switch my Patreon to per creation payments. This way, you are only charged when I deliver new content. 

Each creation will contain at least 7 chapters ahead of the official release. My chapters are typically around 2000 words, but they can sometimes run shorter or longer for pacing reasons.

Time permitting, I will aim to release 1-2 times a month. You will not be charged if there are no releases. $3 is all it takes to read ahead, but if money is tight, be rest assured that all main story chapters will be released for free on
$9 of $100 per creation
Each chapter batch will contain at least 8 chapters instead of 7. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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