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As a reward, you'll receive 1 song every month from our uncommon and rare collections. We're always writing songs, trying out new ideas, and making alternative versions. We aim to put everything on the album but it's just not possible. Every month, we'll pick a select song to share with you.




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About Augustus

Hey friends and fans of Augustus.

We're releasing songs that have never been heard by the general public: B sides, acoustic versions, live songs, and demos.  Consider it, the "directors cut". For just $1 each month, we'll send you 1 song every month.

These songs will give you a glimpse into how the songwriting process works.  You'll notice a volume difference in some of these versions, different lyrics, basically lots of small changes.  It takes a while for an initial idea to become a fully produced song and in this campaign you'll see the different stages that no one else will see.  The song will be accompanied by a small story about what the band was doing at the time of the recording which will help put the recording into context. 

With your contributions, we can continue to make music and tour.  Thank you for checking us out and we'll see you on the road soon.  Enjoy the music!

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