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Hello! My name is Chris (August or "auguwu" online) and I am an backend software developer espically in Node.JS, Kotlin, Python, and such more! I've created this back in 2017 when something struck my inner core of doing stuff that I regret. This is a rebranch of the "ohlookitsAugust" patreon page and branded as "auguwu" or as myself. I've created the Yamashiro discord bots as a hobby but I have created this because of the people who use the bots that I have made and who are willingly gonna financially support myself maintaining the projects I have worked on. I also work for the LiquidBlast development team by ohlookitsderpy, I work as a backend developer for and the Kashima music player.

Note: If you do pay for a tier then cancel it (without any valid reason), you will be blacklisted from using Yamashiro.

I hope you'll stick to the future with me~


$0 of $5 per month
A basic goal to reach until I can pay for server costs.
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