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The lowest available reward tier: Early access to art and concepts outside of Discord friends!

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About Aurelia Suskind

An artist and recent SCAD Alumni looking to pay off loans while producing art abundant!

This will be the home for exclusive WIPs and early access to my infant comic "The Spaded Ace", illustrations, storyboarding projects, character design practice, and possibly even tutorials down the road!

Additionally, this will be a place with early views/access to entries into my Trollhunters Troll Archive Project! An intricate catalogue of canon and fan-made troll species. Includes entries on unique species, articles and journal entries on specific trolls or troll culture aspects, and the occasional illustration by the illustrious Aurelia the Archivist, the troll behind the blog itself!

Find me on TUMBLR
Tier Limitations:
  • $15 tier rewards are limited to one character in their doodle.
  • All tiers may not post art and claim as theirs, post WIPs or PSDs publicly.
  • $100 tier discounts apply to a single commission per month, and do not stack up (for now, we'll see how things fare in the future!)

DISCLAIMER: As the Archives are meant to be a collection of troll species for artists, lore hounds, and oc makers to freely enjoy and consume, assume that all trolls posted to the blog are Open Species, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the post tags.
$5 of $50 per month
$15 tier doodles can now have up to two characters!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
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