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About Aurora Levins Morales

Hi. My name is Aurora Levins Morales

I've been a storyteller and a social justice activist all my life.  
My words have gone all over the world and been translated into many languages.  They are taught in schools and study groups, incorporated into posters and performances, turned into prayer in synagogues, churches and temples, and shared among all kinds of people who want a world of justice and peace.  

Metaphors are my superpower.  Metaphors, and a deep faith in a really big vision of what human societies could become. 

I write about the world around me and the world I know is possible.  I tell stories that expand what we believe we can do, make unexpected connections between realities that seem separate, encourage us to have bigger dreams, hopes and expectations, and cultivate resilience and imagination.  I write about principled ways of working together, across many kinds of difference, so we can build the world we want to live in and leave to the generations after us.   

In fall of 2018 I traveled down the Mississippi River with Naiomi Robles, and then spent five weeks at A Studio in the Woods writing Silt: Prose Poems about the natural and social landscapes of the river as seen from the Caribbean, about the rivers in the earth and in my body, and the ways water holds our stories.  In April, 2019, Duke University Press released a new and greatly expanded edition of my 1998 book Medicine Stories:Essays for Radicals. 

In December, 2019, I moved back to my childhood home in rural Puerto Rico to be part of the climate justice movement, which is also a movement to end colonialism in my country.  It is also a movement for food sovereignty and agroecology, and I participate as a storyteller, not just in words and artwork, but working with the land itself to tell stories of possibility. I am planting tradition mound gardens with food and medicine, planting a food forest, and moving toward aquaculture, creating micro-projects that illustrate what sustainability could look like. 

Through the Rimonim Liturgy Project, I work with partner organizations to create new and revised liturgical poetry that draws on the deep traditions of Judaism while rising to the challenging times we live in, and centers the many kinds of Jews who are marginalized in mainstream Jewish institutions. 

I do all of these things with the heart, mind and hands of a feminist and radical, a queer identified woman, a Puerto Rican and Ashkenazi Jew, a person living with with chronic illness and disability, with the aftermaths of environmental and sexual violence, an immigrant, a single mother, and an artist. 

I do a lot of different kinds of work that are all connected. 
I post my work here on Patreon, write books, create podcasts, teach and mentor.  I recently launched the Resident Apprentice program in which I invite one person at a time to stay at Finca la Lluvia for 4-6 weeks, receiving one on one mentoring of their creative process in exchange for housing and help with household and garden chores and driving.

I love doing this work as part of a large, interwoven web of people who share my values and become connected through the stories I gather and tell.  I would love for you to become part of that web.  

You can join by becoming a regular donor through Patreon. If you want to support my work with a ONE TIME DONATION, please DO NOT do it through Patreon as it makes it hard to project my income. 

or send money through PayPal to [email protected]
You can learn more about my work at and about the apprenticeship program at

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  • $2500 allows me to pay my assistant Luz Guerra for 10 hours a week of administrative support.  Luz takes cares of dozens of tasks from booking travel to registering new books with the Library of Congress, from making sure my health insurance pays for what it's supposed to, to filing many kinds of paperwork for me. When I haven't had that kind of help in the past, my disabilities and chronic health issues have made it nearly impossible to write.  Luz's work allows me to block off entire days just for writing, and keep the new books coming. 
  • It allows me to upgrade my equipment so I can produce professional quality videoconference lectures and video recordings of talks and readings.
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