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About Austin Coppock

Hi!  I'm Austin Coppock, and I love writing about astrology.  I get a singular pleasure out of mapping the strange times in which we live. I've written annual Astrological Almanacs for the last 5 years and I wrote a weekly horoscope column for 8 years.  I'd like to bring both of these formats together, and write all of the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly content included in each.  In addition, I'd like it be free, too.

Let’s call this fever dream the Online Almanac Project. Or, if you prefer- Ye Olde Online Almanack Project.  The plan is to cover every angle of time as it unfolds, from the granularity of daily analysis to the grand vistas of epochal overviews. It’s a cathedral-sized dream, so I’m going to be starting with the chipped and scarred cornerstone of any such effort- the weekly horoscope column.

By supporting me through Patreon, you’ll enable me to spend the time and energy necessary to build on the weekly column and add monthlies, dailies, special essays and more.  You'll also help keep my work independent, and provide me the platform to call it exactly as I see it.  

What is Patreon?

Patreon allows writers, like myself, to receive regular donations for the work they put out. It’s sort of like Kickstarter, but not. Instead of a large one-time lump, you toss me a handful nickels for each piece I craft.

The greater the donations, the more time I can spend mapping out the astrology of our times. Ideally, I’d like to be putting out work that covers daily, weekly and monthly time frames, mapping the changing situation from all three of these important and distinct angles.

How Does it Work?

Patreon lets you volunteer to donate whatever amount you want on a per post basis. Each time I release a new episode you volunteer to donate $1, $3 or whatever you want. It’s your call. Initially, I’ll be releasing one column per week, which works out to 4 or 5 posts a month. Eventually, if the goals are met, I’d like to add a monthly piece, and a month worth of dailies, which will be posted as one piece on the first day of every month.

When you subscribe you will be charged at the end of each month based on the number of pieces I released that month. You can also set a maximum monthly amount so that you won’t get charged more than that amount in a given month, just in case the spirit moves and a release a slew of pieces.

Benefits of Becoming a Patron

The column itself will remain free, but there are some ongoing rewards and benefits that are only available to patrons, such as access to a private Facebook discussion forum, a live monthly transit discussion and early access. You can find out more about the different reward tiers at the bottom of this page.

I also have some specific milestone goals that are listed on the left side of this page, which describe the full scope of what I’d like to do.
If you’d like to see me provide the most comprehensive, useful and entertaining astrological coverage possible, support the project by becoming my patron!

Thank you!
$800 – reached! per Post
Audio Edition

Once this goal is reached, every weekly column will be put up as a short podcast. Patreon subscribers will get early access via a download link!
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