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About Anna Seewald

Don’t you just love podcasts? I sure do. I can’t even imagine my life without my favorite podcasts now. They enrich my days in ways I can’t even describe. You know what I mean?

I love how I can choose to listen to whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want and wherever I want. 

Thanks for listening to Authentic Parenting podcast for the past 3 years. It's kind of like magic when the new episodes appear on your phone, right? (that's how I feel) 

What you do not see or hear is the countless hours of hard work of research, planning, contacting potential interviewees, coordinating and scheduling interviews, reading authors books, conducting the interviews, editing, mixing, mastering the file (done by my amazing producer, Danny from Emerald City Production) and finally promoting and all of the other work that goes into creating a weekly show which is a passion project! :) Because as a parent myself, I strongly I beleive that parents need social and emotional support. 

And how can I NOT make the show? Especially when I hear my awesome listeners say:

"Your podcast deserves more than 5 stars. Thank you Anna, from the bottom of my heart for the amazing insights you share with the world. I can't tell you how many times I have cried listening to your podcast and feeling a connection to everything being said. Thank you!"

"This show has been a life-changer for me. It has pushed me to grow as an individual and learn how to help my daughter grow. Because of what I've learned so many of the relationships in my life have flourished, including the one with myself. Although I know I still have room to grow, I know this podcast will provide me with the tools and resources to do so. "

Become a supporter of your favorite show. You will receive exciting and cool rewards that my 10 year daughter helped me create:) The pop socket, the T-shirt and the mug ideas are hers. 

I absolutely LOVE making the podcast. Your support will ensure that we continue strongly to bring you life-changing content weekly and cover some of the costs that are needed to keep the lights on so to speak, after all I have to pay a monthly fee to host my audio files on Libsyn (BTW, they are an amazing company too!)

Let's keep learning and growing TOGETHER. 

With deep gratitude,
$109.92 of $500 per month
I am so grateful to my awesome Patrons who are helping cover some the costs of the production of the Authentic Parenting weekly Podcast! 
THANK YOU for helping me reach this goal!
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