Author Brandi Kennedy is creating an UNDAUNTED Army with books, blogs, poetry, podcasts, & more!

Undaunted Army, Private 1st Class

$1 /mo
Congratulations on your promotion into the ranks of the UNDAUNTED. Now that you're here:
  • Once a month, you'll have advance access to an unpublished chapter from one of my novels-in-progres...

Undaunted Army, Corporal

$5 /mo
Now that you're a Corporal, you're entitled to a little something extra. I have a certain fascination with core values, how we choose them, and how the values important to us as individuals impact ...

Undaunted Army, Sergeant

$10 /mo
You are now one of the few. As a Sergeant in the Undaunted Army, you are considered among the chosen ones. Sergeants of the Undaunted receive:
  • Reserved space on my personal 40-person maili...

Undaunted Army, Master Sergeant

$15 /mo
As a Master Sergeant in the Undaunted Army, you are not only an incredible blessing, but you are integral to the existence and continuation of the Army itself. It is because of you and others like ...

Undaunted Army, Lieutenant

$20 /mo
Welcome to the Officer's ranks - you are now a commissioned Lieutenant in the Undaunted Army! As a Lieutenant, you are among the first officers trusted to receive an exclusive Undaunted Army lanyar...

Undaunted Army, Captain

$25 /mo
Now that you're a Captain in the Undaunted Army, your contribution to the health and wellness of the Army is what allows it to grow. Because of you, I have more time to write and less stress to hol...

Undaunted Army, Major

$30 /mo
Look at you, a Major in the Undaunted Army!  You are a major part (Haha, see what I did there?) of the reason this Army is growing and thriving in the way it is, and I'm thankful for you. ...

Undaunted Army, Colonel

$35 /mo
Now that you're a Colonel in the Undaunted Army, you've reached the highest possible rank. You've loved my characters and my work, my family, and my journey; I hope by this point, we've become frie...