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About Author Brittany Wang

Hi friends! If you don't know me yet, my name is Brittany Wang and I'm an author of an upcoming YA Fantasy series who is incredibly passionate about helping other writers through my AuthorTube Channel and Author Website Services.

If you follow me on social media, you also know that I absolutely LOVE building writing community and directly chatting with authors about their writing and author platforms!

As my platform has grown, however, it's gotten harder to answer every single question and help every single author while also trying to finish my own books. So! I wanted to find a way that I could start intentionally investing in a smaller group of authors while giving my followers a way to support me.

This way, I can focus even more time and energy on:
  • Giving you the content & support you need to: Finish Your Book, Build your Author Platform, and Fund Your Author Journey!
  • And getting my own books finished so you can read them! (and I can eventually give you patron-only book exclusives too!)

If this sounds exciting to you, become a PATRON!
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Q: WHAT IF I WANT TO CHANGE MY TIER? You can change your Tier at any time!

Q: I WANT TIPS & RESOURCES BUT I CAN'T BECOME A PATRON RIGHT NOW. DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING ELSE FOR ME? Of course! Make sure to sign up for my Newsletter to get access to some other exclusive resources (like my Series Bible Templates) & I'm still always sharing free tips & resources on my YouTube Channel!

Have another Question? Or have an idea for an offering you don't see here yet?
Submit your question or request HERE. I'd love to know!

Thank you so much for even considering to support me & I'm so looking forward to working with you!
Author Brittany Wang
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I currently offer a monthly Livestream only for “Author Life Insiders” and above. But if we hit 50 Patrons, I will do an additional livestream for ALL patrons by the end of that month on a topic you guys vote for!
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