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Metamor Citizen

$1 /mo
You'll earn my sincere gratitude! You'll also get access to my Behind the Episode commentaries, and to any Goals that we achieve. If you give me your shipping address, I'll be able to send you spec...

Early Access

$3 /mo
Access to Patreon-first content that will initially be available only to patrons. This includes art previews, story previews, cover reveals, character sketches -- anything cool that I can think of ...

Creative Council

$10 /mo
In addition to the Early Access perks, I'll give you a chance to vote on what stories I write next! Whenever I'm about to start a new project, I'll send you a poll detailing the st...

E-Book Advance Reader

$15 /mo
Every time I prepare a new e-book for release, you'll get a complimentary Advance Review Copy (ARC) in EPUB and MOBI formats, at least one month before it goes up for sale. Add the stories to your ...

Producer's Club

$25 /mo
You get ALL of the above, plus a producer's credit in the Acknowledgements section of each new novel or story collection I produce. Those of you who support the podcast at this level for six months...

Executive Book Club

$50 /mo
In addition to all of the Producer's Club benefits, if you live in the United States or Canada, you will get a signed paper copy of EVERY new book I release in print. In addition, ...

Creator's Suite

$100 /mo
For writers who already have my books -- thank you! You are amazing. You'll get all the benefits of the Executive Book Club, and in addition, I will critique up to 5,000 words per ...