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Commute Capsules give you access to the ultimate short stories ranging from 1000-10,000 words. These are the ideal reads for the commute, guaranteed to give you a spring in your step and the ability to ignore that sardine feeling that always comes with public transport! Beware, readers may find themselves gossiping around the office cooler after a journey reading one of my Commute Capsules.
Commute Capsules are updated as regularly as possible, as and when I can afford to spend time on it. The more who subscribe, the more stories I can upload! 
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My Never Ending Thanks

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In this tier, you'll get everything in Commute Capsules, which includes one of my 'Author J A Hyde' cards winging it's way to you to express my eternal thank you for helping me do what I love for a living as well as a shout out of my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.
I'll also give you the option to have characters in future Commute Capsules named after you as well as a few stories you may want to see come to life!
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  • A Personalised Thank You Card!
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About Author J A Hyde

J.A. Hyde, also known as F. W. Rider, was born in Westminster, London and fell in love with not only romance novels from an early age. A fiery redhead with interests to match, she spent 14 years as a firefighter in London and seven years as a magazine and newspaper journalist, before finally pursuing her love of storytelling as a romance novelist. Now the loving owner of five horses, four dogs and a cat, Hyde/Rider lives in Essex with her two daughters and unpaid proofreader (otherwise known as her husband). When she’s not reading or writing, Rider can be found enjoying some retail therapy, a cheeky cocktail or two, or spending time in the USA – her favourite place besides London and Essex.

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This will allow me to write full time and finally share my stories with the world instead of running into fires for a living!
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