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is creating LGBTQ Speculative Fiction, Thrillers, and Young Adult Novels
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About Miranda Turner

Hello! My name is Miranda Turner and I'm an author of LGBTQ+ Speculative Fiction, Thrillers, and Young Adult books. I also have other genres hidden on my hard drive that I may or may not share here. I'm a single mother of eight, an author, an editor, and a chicken and cat mom. I live in a small town that's been described as a "Bernie Sanders oasis in a sea of red." in central Ohio. 

I've been writing secretively ever since I can remember. From terrible, angst driven teenage poetry to starting and stopping several books, I've been trashing my words for years now. I finally took the plunge into publishing in December of 2018 after being encouraged by one of my editing clients to do so. My first book, Shadowing the Light - The Bearer of Truth series book 1, was well received by most of those who read it, and I was encouraged to continue writing and publishing.

I continue to edit for clients but hope to be able to make it possible to focus on my own writing full time soon, as it's a struggle to give it the attention it deserves while also being an editor and a single mother to my beautiful children. To this end, I've started this page where I plan to offer everything from bonus content from my existing books to opportunities for input on my stories going forward. 

Thank you to every one of you who contribute.

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