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Be secure in the knowledge that you are awesome and we humbly bow to that awesomeness.  That's all we can promise apart from helping to bring more After Dark content.

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Everything the $1 donation gets, but more!  (disclaimer: not really more)  All we can promise you is our unwavering respect and gratitude and even more frequent After Dark content.

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Those of you awesome enough to donate more than $9.99 a month, which by the way is the equivalent to a pretentiously expensive cup of coffee, we can't offer a lot in the way of material rewards.  However, what we can offer is that in addition to even faster creation of After Dark content, we will refer to you as 'Our Great and Powerful patron' in any communications.  




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About Obey Graphics

Dear Patrons:  Author-Wars is doing something new to go along with its ongoing story about three writers who end up in a mixed-up story world.  It's called "Author Wars: After Dark" and it's almost entirely under your control as patrons.

How does it work you may be thinking?  Simple:  The comic will continue as it normally does with the plot moving ahead as planned.  However, there are many moments that may not be essential to the story and thus don't make it to the main comic.  Some of these moments are still fun to look at and even more of them are frankly pretty sexy.  As patrons, your donations will allow us to go back and take a look at these moments and enhance the world of Varia.  Your donations will only go towards the creation of this added content.  We're going to do two of them for free so you can see what we're about and if you like those, then please consider donating, either one time or as a regular on Patreon.

$200 allows the creation of a single full comic page.  As the donations hopefully grow, each time we get to this $200 threshold we will start work on a new After Dark page.  Patrons over $20 a month can request specific things and we will endeavor to make it happen as long as it's consistent with the characters and plot.  Remember, these added pages are all story canon.
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Create Monthly Author Wars: After Dark content.
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