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For just a dollar, less than a cup of coffee, you can help support myself, my children and the thousands of children with autism that use the Autcraft server every day.

You'll never even notice having one dollar less but the kids who need a safe place to play will.

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For those who can do a bit more than just a dollar, the $3 option is a great way to offer three times as much while still giving so little that you likely won't even notice it over all. It would make a world of difference to so many kids who need a safe place to play.
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In addition to my appreciation, you will also get a digital postcard from myself and Autcraft to say thank you for supporting us!




** Any media/business requests, please email [email protected] **

is the first Minecraft server for children with autism and their families. Why did I start this server? In 2012/2013, I saw parent after parent after parent posting on social media "Do you have a child with autism that loves Minecraft? Would they be willing to play with my child?"

These parents were all reaching out because they were tired of seeing their children being bullied on the servers that they tried. Their children were breaking their keyboards, crying and feeling terrible. They felt powerless to help. So, Autcraft was my way of helping.

Since then Autcraft has been in the news, television, radio, magazines and more, all around the world and now has a whitelist that is over 10,000 names from over 150 different countries.

In 2016, a researcher visited Autcraft to learn about what we do, how we help and what the players do to make the community their own. Her research paper was awarded the 2016 Best Paper award at SIGACCESS.

I have made it my mission to help as many children with autism as I can which means ensuring that Autcraft remains a free server for those who need it. It is my belief that those who need a safe place like Autcraft most are also the ones least likely to be able to afford a membership fee.

So I turn to you and ask that you help me help so many autistic children around the world by making a pledge in any amount that you are able. Read the research paper, find out more about us and if you like what we do and have the means, please support Autcraft by becoming a Patron today.

What is your job?
A: This is it. Autcraft. I did have a job at first as well as run Autcraft but the whitelist grew so fast and the demands that were placed upon me were too much to juggle both the server and a job at the same time. So Patreon is literally my income right now.

Q: How does Autcraft keep the players safe?
A: First is the whitelist. Each and every application is thoroughly researched to ensure that the username doesn't have a history of past bad behaviour. It takes a long time to go through them this way but it ensures that bad people don't get on to the server. If a bad person does make it on despite this, there are always people available or watching the server to prevent any bad behaviours the moment anyone tries something. We have Admins, SrHelpers and JrHelpers, all ranks given to players who show respect, responsibility and and helpfulness towards everyone. On top of this we have several plugins, including some custom made ones, that do their best to prevent griefing, swearing and other issues that could come up. Anything the plugins can't catch, there will be someone watching.

Q: How many players are there?
A: There is just over 10,000 names on the whitelist and on average we get around 1,000 unique players signing in each month as some come and go. Some players even return several years later.

Q: Are all of the players autistic? Do you have to be autistic to join?
A: The server is specifically for autistics but we highly encourage family to join as well. We have many player's siblings, parents and even grandparents join. Also, if a player has a special friend that they like to play with then that friend is welcome to join as well. We'd never want to separate a child from their friend.

Q: Which version of Minecraft is this for? Will it work on mobile or console?
A: Due to the limitations of the mobile and console versions of Minecraft, Autcraft is only available for those who have the Java PC version of the game which is purchasable from

Q: Is the server survival or creative?
A: Autcraft has two servers, the main one is Survival and the other is Creative. They are connected via Bungeecord which means that you can easily travel from one server to the other and back again any time you wish and without having to disconnect. Both servers are free to play.

Q: How do I get access to the Discord server?
A: If you have pledged $10 or more, you'll get access to the Discord server as soon as your first payment is received. Be sure to go to your Account settings here on and click on the Connect button next to where it says Discord.

Any other questions? Feel free to message me any time.

My name is Stuart Duncan, I go by AutismFather online and I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit my Patreon page and look forward to your support. If you or you child has autism and would like to join, apply for the whitelist and join us!

* Autcraft is powered by CubeCoders AMP and hosted by
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Conventions! Meetups!

I've been invited to go to Europe this year (2018) and be a presenter at the MineVention Minecraft convention! However, I am lacking the funds to get there to do that. I really want to do this and teach the world about autism, bullying and what makes Autcraft so great... the people! This would be an invaluable opportunity but I am lacking the funds to do it right now.

Also, I'm planning something for right here in Canada, an AutCon! I have a good idea of when and how this will go, and thought I could manage it but now, I'm not so sure. Not with other travel expenses popping up already.

Reaching this goal will allow me to do these things this year and meet as many current and new Autcrafters as I can! As well as spreading the message about autism, bullying and how to build a successful, social community.
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