AutismFather is creating A Safe Minecraft Community for Children with Autism

Support Autcraft

$1 /mo
For just a dollar, less than a cup of coffee, you can help support myself, my children and the thousands of children with autism that use the Autcraft server every day.

You'll never even notice ...



$3 /mo
For those who can do a bit more than just a dollar, the $3 option is a great way to offer three times as much while still giving so little that you likely won't even notice it over all. It would ma...

Post Card

$6 /mo
In addition to my appreciation, you will also get a digital postcard from myself and Autcraft to say thank you for supporting us!

Rank + Discord + Sign at Spawn

$10 /mo
  • For your patronage, we will place your name at spawn on a sign so that all of the visitors to the server can see who it is that's helping to keep the whole place running.

Mug'n More!

$20 /mo
  • This mug will be sent directly to you from featuring our server logo as a reminder of all of t...

Discord VIP

$50 /mo
  • VIP Access to Autcraft Patreon Discord server, one on one conversations with AutismFather and talk with the rest of the group
  • All Perks from previous reward tiers