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About Marc Doty

Hi!  I'm Marc Doty.  Since 2006, I've been creating demonstrative videos of vintage and modern analog synthesizers on YouTube.  As time has passed, I've put more and more time and effort into these videos.  These days, the series of videos I make for a synthesizer require weeks of effort shooting, editing, animating, performing, recording, and composing.  It's really a tremendous effort.  
Now if you were smarter than I am, and you are, you'd say, "Well, it's a good thing those companies pay you for those videos."  But y'see, I'm kind of an idiot... and I do all of that work for free... simply because I love synthesizers.  The companies I make videos don't pay me money for it (although, occasionally, they've given me the synth I did the demonstration of.  And that is AWESOME... but it doesn't pay the bills!)  
Of course, a lot of my viewers have said "Well, gosh... if the people who watched your videos paid even a few cents, you'd make a lot of money!"  And, that is inarguably true.  My YouTube channel is now pushing 6 million views.  If I had even fifty cents for each view... I wouldn't be trying to shoot professional-seeming videos in a 10 by 15 apartment bedroom right now.
Anyway, I'm not trying to get rich.  I would just like to be able to support the effort I put into these videos, and I would especially love to buy the appropriate equipment to be able to make BETTER videos for you.  Any little bit would help me put more effort and time into making the videos that so many of you seem to enjoy!  So, that's why I'm here.  
Also, I need a new car.  
I'm just kidding.  I won't spend any of this on a car.
$60 of $1,000 per Video
I don't want to embarrass myself by describing the equipment I am currently using, but trust me-  a lot of the time it takes for me to make the videos goes into the ridiculous process necessary to milk quality videos out of very old and not-ideal equipment.
It's my goal to push my video, lighting, and recording equipment up from "casual consumer" to at least "daydreaming pro-sumer."
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