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My gratitude in pictures and passage to the end.
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Exclusive access to textless pages and wallpapers plus early access to new scenes before they land on the free site.    Check my patreon page  for downloadable content attached to each post.

The last 2 chapters will be exclusive to patrons.




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Thank you for arriving.

I'm a monster maker. But I don't play with archetypes. My monsters live as we do, loving and struggling in a grey universe. A universe where I can toy with moral chaos and ground the surreal in modern theory.

It took a long time for my dreams and turmoils to coalesce into this singular spirit. Now that it has, I finally have a story worth telling.

I hope this will be one of many graphic novels depicting the distant reality that I see. And, if you like what I create, consider becoming a patron. Your support will help me purchase better equipment, programs, plug-ins, education and, the holy grail of it all, more time.

The more I'm empowered, the more I can produce.

You are welcome to donate more, but I am only asking for $1.   A donation of $1 will give you access to textless panels and wallpapers via patron-only posts. Additionally, while the free site will be updated per chapter, patrons will receive updates per scene.  You are charged only when I post which will be around 5 - 7 times a year.

Once you've become a patron, check my patreon page for downloadable content attached to each post.

The webcomic will be free to read up to the end chapters.  The last 2 chapters will be exclusively available to patrons.  You can find the comic on my siteDeviant Art, and additional platforms as I expand.

RSS feed available on my google blog.
I am also on facebook and twitter if you prefer to follow me there.

This comic will be, if it isn't already, Not Safe For Work.   It will contain mature content.   As strange as the characters are, they are human enough to merit the warning.
$0 of $5,000 per Submission
I can start purchasing new render and work computers that can better handle my processing needs.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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