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Earn a teeny tiny place in my heart. Donate $1/month (that is less than half a penny per show!) and know you're helping keep these podcasts alive and provide fuel for my continued creativity. My dream is to create and build these type of projects full-time, so any little bit helps.




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About Matt Greene

Thank you so much for making your way to my Patreon page! I create podcasts, but not just ordinary podcasts. I brought together two things I love; coding and learning, to create fully automatic DAILY podcasts!

Over the last couple years I've programmed an automatic podcast application that allows me to make monthly, weekly, or even daily podcasts instantly from all types of sources, including Reddit!

Currently, I have a variety of podcasts that have been running for going on four years and have collectively over 3000 episodes!

TIL Reddit Recap
This Podcast is meant to provide a creative new way to learn something new from one of the most interesting sub-reddits, Today I Learned. Everyday the podcast will curate the top 25 posts and provide a audio version of their headlines with links back to all the articles. There is even a twitter bot with images that automatically posted every few hours around the clock. This was my very first podcast and it still shows some corky behavior from time to time, however I find it entertaining to hear.

Today I Learned
This Podcast is the improved version of TIL Reddit Recap. It was built as an experiment with my new codebase in an effort to recreate the success of TIL Reddit Recap, however I liked the improved version and its icon that I have kept it going for the last year and a half. You can pick your preference between TIL Reddit Recap and Today I Learned.

Today in History
This Podcast takes the daily article about an event that occurred this day in history and turns it into a short audio story to help you learn about interesting things that happened in the past.

Today in Tech History
This Podcast is a revival of the old Today in Tech History with Tom Merritt podcast. Tom had to stop producing this daily podcast due to time constraints from all his other projects, and based on a patron's suggestion (thanks Joe!) I reached out to Tom about reviving the podcast through automation. Tom was nice enough to provide me some information about the show, and I was able to then automate it based on his daily posts.

The Daily Wiki
This Podcast takes the featured article from Wikipedia and reads it to you. Simple, straight-forward, but very educational. There is always something random and interesting to learn about and is well worth the short daily listen. Icon art attribution by version 1 by Nohat (concept by Paullusmagnus); [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Your Qoin Podcast
This Podcast is no longer producing new episodes because the content creator had to stop producing write ups, but it shows how this tech can be used to pull content from a blog and convert it to a podcast.  This show focused on blockchain news, recapping important bitcoin, fin-tech, and other blockchain related news in small bit-size summarizations.

How you can Help

Although the podcasts are free to listen to, sadly, hosting the application that creates the podcast,  podcast feeds, and MP3 files are not. In addition, there are paid services (APIs) to help improve voice quality and more. Services I can't really afford on my own.

Pledging a little to these podcasts will do a lot;
  • It will help with the cost of running the server infrastructure for the application
  • It will help with paying for access to text-to-speech APIs and other services
  • It will help with paying for improved Feed and MP3 file hosting for the podcasts
  • It will help lead to the creation of NEW podcasts and other related content
  • It will make me feel appreciated for my work, and encourage my continued efforts
I'm currently paying for hosting myself, and will continue to do so for as long as I can financially afford it, but any help is more than appreciated and will ensure these Podcasts can continue for years to come. Thanks!!!
$5.25 of $100 per month
To cover the cost of the private server infrastructure, text-to-speech conversion services, file hosting, and CDN delivery.
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