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Welcome to the Patreon Page of Autorodeo Nederland. Autorodeo Nederland is covering Banger Races and Autorodeo's in the Netherlands, Belgium and sometimes in the UK. I make pictures and video's at the races i visit and upload these to YouTube and Facebook. 

Banger Racing is the big brother of Demolition Derby. The biggest difference between the two of them is that Bangers race on an oval track (Speedway). First one to pass the chequered flag wins. You might think but why is it the big brother of Demolition Derby? Well in Banger Races you are allowed to hit other drivers at full speed. There's roughly one rule: no hits on the drivers door. After a few races the drivers want to finisch off their cars and crash into each other. Most of the cars return home caged!

Autorodeo is the same as Demolition Derby. Unlike in the United States the Autorodeo drivers actually don't care about winning. They just want to have a good crash, a laugh and a few beers after  the crashing. Most of the time we don't have prize money so a cheering crowd is the best you can get.

I'm always trying to improve my content and i would like to take a new step. To achieve this i need your help. In the future i would like to have more and better camera's, new onboard camera's, a faster computer and better editing software. 
$0 of $1,000 per month
My first goal is to buy a new and better camera with more functions than my regular one.
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