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is creating a magic-orientated game
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About AVAST Development

A brief Introduction:

AVAST is a new uprising game, in which you are bound to experience unique and high performance gameplay whilst exploring the wondrous landscapes of Fiore in the aim of looting dungeons, discovering towns, collecting arsenal, learning magic and slaying notorious beasts...

Why we need your Donations:

Your donations help us to provide our staff team with the motivation and software they require in order to maximise the quality of game play for you as players; We will ensure that every penny-worth is reinvested only into our staff team and assets. In addition, by donating to us you will be given access to exclusive never before seen content and additional perks depending on your level of donation.


AVAST is a fan-based project owned by KillaKababs and co-owned by BleuUltra 
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Just a small goal for now, and also to test if this thing works :p
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