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Custom Forum Title and Luxury Holding Cell

per month
We will give you a custom title on the forums. Whatever you like! Within reason.

As well, if you ever need to get hauled out of game for an OOC talk with staff, you will get a special, luxury holding cell, featuring attractive decor, fresh water, and fair-trade artisanal Nendorin waybread.
Includes Discord benefits

Mention on a Discreet Plaque In-Game

per month
We will find a discreet, out-of-the-way place in game and place an OOC plaque with a list of donors at this level. Inclusion on this list is optional. You also get the $1 reward. Staff will feign politeness in the luxury holding cell.
Includes Discord benefits

A Custom Short Story

per month
One redemption per person. We will write you a customized story on any Avendarian subject you wish (conditions may apply, we will work with you). This might be an IC historical document, a story, etc. We only ask that you not ask us to write your character's background. If you wish, a story written as part of this reward might be placed in-game. You also gain both previous levels. At this level, staff will pretend to be nice to you in the luxury holding cell.
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Avendar - the Crucible of Legends

Avendar: the Crucible of Legends is an all-original fantasy MUD originally opened in 1998. We feature a highly-detailed, immersive game world with mandatory roleplay and offer a combination of both PvE and PvP play.

We have been open nearly continuously since our opening, except for a six-month period between the end of August 2015 and February 2016. With the aid of our fantastic community, we've been able to return with new development, new management, and new directions hopefully for years to come.

With this Patreon, we hope to secure our future indelibly. To this end, we offer you a guarantee critical to any game with such a large PvP component as ours: absolutely no in-game benefits will come from supporting this Patreon. Your support is completely voluntary and as anonymous as you wish it to be; we will not offer even cosmetic in-game rewards to any character. All proceeds from this Patreon will go solely to the game and its assets.

All patron levels will receive regular e-mail updates about the state of the game, including recent changelogs.
$51.38 of $150 per month
Art Tier! With this amount, we can commission an artist to do a piece every month! This will definitively cover all but the most complex pieces. More than this will give us wiggle room or allow us to cover other odds and ends, such as working on overhauling and modernizing our website. You can do something perfectly fine with free art assets, but you get what you pay for. This will also fully cover our server bill once every six months, instead of getting art.
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