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Big things start with a small step. Go all the way through forming of a newly created AI to defender and helper of human civilization. Explore small, but huge world with a lot of secrets, adapt and become better just to fulfil the role for which you were created.

Why are we on patreon?

It is known, that game-development requires money. In our situation it is the cost of our living. We are two developers without investors and publisher. Before the release of the game we have to look for money for food and shelter.
We can get money through investments, gig or crowdfunding. We chose two last variants and will quit our gigs if the amount of monthly donations exceeds the required minimum.
In return, we will give you activation keys on release date, access to monthly demos, an invitation to a private club with exclusive development information(backstages), early access to public information and memes from developers.
The greater the amount of monthly donations, the less we will be distracted by part-time work, which means that the development of the game will go faster and all our creativity will be directed only at it, which will give a greater increase in quality. And the money in excess of the minimum will be spent on ordering music, sounds, arts, etc.

Basic essence

Interact with the environment and explore an interactive, changing from your actions open world in which you will find a variety of details, mini-games and many other interesting features. How the open world will develop and how the missions will be completed depends only on your resourcefulness, awareness and curiosity.

What is this missions?

Missions are very different, each of them is unique. Shoot enemies on water, land and in the air, help allies, rob caravans, solve puzzles, complete missions secretly and use the environment to achieve your goals. In each mission, you will be given several related tasks that must be performed by switching between vehicles and using it at its discretion. All tasks have several ways of passing to find them, you have to think.


  • Huge variety of vehicles.
  • Ability to move on ground, water, air, walls, ceilings and in abstract worlds.
  • Interactive world, developing depending on the player's actions.
  • Knowledge of the game world and training with the main character.
  • A variety of missions to interact with toys and the environment, different ways of passing them, depending on the attention, shrewdness and knowledge.


$0 of $1,500 per month
Now we have money for food and place to live, so we start to work on the game full-time. That means that we will do everything faster and better! Thanks for your support!
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