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Hey there! Hikari here, the writer side of AvianSkies Webcomic Team. Our fantasy comics are Liars Go To Paradise? & Kaleidoscope! We also update our comics regularly on Tapas!

We've been creating comics since 2014, but stories have been part of our lives since we were in diapers, and Miko (the artist) has always had a knack for drawing. I discovered that my love of storytelling could be woven into novels. Together we decided to take both talents and leap into a new medium together. Now here we are!

We're committed to the long road of telling our stories in visual form. Our desire is to carry on until the tales are told, and that will likely take years! We'd love for you to tag along forever, and if that's how you choose to support us, we couldn't be more honored!

But if you want to help out a little more, we won't say no! We want to give back to those who support us, too; thus we created this Patreon account so that as you give a little each month, you get something extra in return!

Miko uses traditional tools to work her visual magic, such as watercolor pencils, alcohol markers, mixed-media paper, inking pens, pencils, etc. These costs add up, along with hosting webcomics online and running contests & ads to gain more exposure. We realize this is the lot of artists the world over, and we'll continue plugging along no matter what. But every little bit helps!

Thanks for checking us out!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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