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About the Author
My name is Alice Wakefield, and I write a wide variety of fantasy. I've only recently gotten serious about publishing, but I've been writing since I was 12 years old. I grew up with multiple mental disorders, one of which remained undiagosed for almost 10 years, so I was bullied a lot for being different as a child. I've been a reader practically since I was born, and that passion for reading evolved into writing. Writing became my escape.

It started out as fanfiction. Putting these characters made up on a whim and barely thought about into a world and a story created by someone else. The more I wrote, the more it evolved. These meaningless characters grew and became their own people, the world evolving around them to become something entirely new.

The Wakeing World
There is more to this world than what we see. Hidden magic, secret worlds, impossible creatures, all of it hidden behind the Veil, a thin barrier between belief and skepticism. The Veil keeps it hidden from most people, for those who grew up and stopped believing in magic, in Santa Clause and fairies. Those who do believe, however, often catch glimpses of things they don't quite understand. And sometimes, those glimpses light the way down a path leading to a new side of the world, filled with magic and wonder.

This is the Wakeing world. Those who live within it don't always have magic in their blood, but they do always live free to be themselves, in whatever way they want. Because whether they have magic themselves, living in the magical world surrounds them with safety, mystery, happiness and confidence.

But there is danger in the magical world as well. Impossible and rare creatures are always hunted. It's the job and lifestyle of the Punishment to bring an end to those with magic in their blood, and the world that they've created.

These are the stories of Warriors who fight for the lives of others, the Guardians who protect both the magic and the nonmagical worlds, the Knights who protect those with magic in their blood, the soldiers who seek to bring an end to magic, and the people who live within this world and others.

Future Goals
I want to bring the Wakeing World to life in our world. I want to publish more books than I can count, I want video games to be made, I want models and dolls and stuffed animals, I want limitless potential. I want for other people to be able to fall into this world at least half as thoroughly as I have. I want them to be able to experience the beauty and freedom and magic in it. I want to remind this world that not everything has to be taken so seriously, that magic still exists and that there is still beauty and wildness in the world.

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