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Every single dollar helps me keep Awful Hospital and my other web content going, so as thanks, all patrons pledging at least a dollar will get to see some exclusive sketches, doodles and side art for all sorts of projects!
Hi-res art with concept notes!
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All $5+ patrons will be able to view high-resolution versions of my monsters and characters together with exclusive details on their inspiration, design process and other "production notes" I don't usually share!

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-One SKETCH PAGE request per month! Let me know a character, creature or other concept you'd like me to sketch on paper!

-One REVIEW REQUEST per month! Suggest a creature design from absolutely any media, and I will review and analyze it on!

-WRITING LIBRARY: check the "text" tag for access to my unreleased text stories, articles, concept notes and other written scraps!

-COLORING BOOK: a pdf download of the somewhat tasteless horror-themed coloring book I released many years ago. Message me if you're unable to find it!




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About Jonathan Wojcik is a website where cheesy Halloween decorations and intestinal parasites are reviewed the way more reasonable people might review movies or vintage wines or something. It's also the home of several hundred original monsters comprising the world of Mortasheen, as well as the creepy interactive adventure comic, Awful Hospital: Seriously the Worst Ever. Traditionally, the site has updated continuously throughout what I consider the three-month "Halloween Season" and mostly hibernated for the rest of the year, while I focused more on school and my attempts to glean some income from free-lance writing.

With the sudden success of Awful Hospital, it's become apparent that I'll be doing continuous work on it much longer than I originally predicted, and that maybe I should shift more focus to my own stuff instead of trying to write for other people's websites. You can help!

Work also quietly continues on realizing Mortasheen as a tabletop role-playing game. It's a world of ridiculous, nasty battle-monsters I've been expanding for more than ten years, with easily another few hundred monster concepts backed up in my notes and sketches, waiting to be drawn and colored. You can help with that, too!

So, if you want to, you can hire me to make my goofy stuff all year round and set aside other stuff that isn't that. Infinity Halloweens.


Inhuman - a beautiful hand-drawn science fiction series!
Keetah spacecat - all kinds of art and commissions by a cat that is in space!
Fil Barlow - one of my biggest inspirations as an artist has a patreon too!

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I'm actually already writing a book as we speak, but at $700, I can afford to make it an ongoing, regular endeavor. I'll try to have a mini-novel of some sort done at least twice a year, and who knows what it might be! I have countless world and character ideas I never used for anything else!
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