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Three awkward gals who dress up in silly costumes to make you smile.

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Christiann talks in her sleep. 
Dana farts in her sleep. 
Michelle poops in her sleep.


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Hello Awkward Friends!

Thank you for coming to our Patreon page! We have been doing rap music videos and sketches for a little while and though we've been very fortunate so far, we've recently decided to take things in a new direction creatively. The plan is to put at least one sketch video out every week and one music video every month. This is where we need YOUR help! If we could get a small amount of money from our fans, whether it's a dollar, five dollars, or more, we are confident we can create more videos you like :)

Where will your cash money go?

Basic production costs such as crew (those guys work really hard, so we like to pay our director of photography and his crew), costumes, locations, props, and food for the shoot day. We'd like to produce 4-5 videos every month, so anything would be helpful.

If you are low on cash, please don't worry about donating! We want you to enjoy our videos and only be a patron if you can. Either way, we will forever consider you an Awkward Kid (high-5!).

What's in it for you?

High-quality videos galore! Behind the scenes videos, special interviews with guest stars and we may even take on some of your requests!!

The End.


Awkward Kids

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