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is creating Open source software Local Filesystem links, Guppy & Drawviz
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If you like my work and you want to support me it would be great to have you as my Patreon.

Really big thanks to everyone who'll support me.

Drop me a line at any time if you're having any questions to my work or just to talk.

This will unlock patreon only posts. I'll write posts about coding examples and my post always contain a Codesandbox to test the code.

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About Alexander Wolf

Hey there! My name is Alexander, I'm husband,
dad of two kids and
I love to collaborate on Open Source software 😍. I'm mainly doing front end stuff with React & Vue.js.

With this Patreon I'd like to push one of my projects forward. It's called Drawiz ( and it's a tool to create flow charts or state diagrams from a plain text - similar to Markdown but for graphs.
It hasn't got much attention yet. Probably because an important feature is missing - sharing your created graphs. I need to finalize my draft and publish it - still some work to do.

I'd like to add the following key features where I would need money:
- Saving to the Cloud (I'm going to use mLab)
- Hosting on Netlify
- Google Ads to get more search results

I'm also collaborating on these open source projects:
- BoostNote ( pretty new to the project but I really like it & I'll put some efforts into improving it
- Guppy ( Development GUI for React / Gatsby
- Local Filesystem links Browser Extension (

I'm also open to new projects, so if you're having any open source project where I could help - please let me know. But at the moment I'm pretty busy working on Guppy & BoostNote. 

You can drop me a line on Twitter or Gitter - Username AWolf81
$0 of $100 per month
After reaching this goal I can change publishing of Drawviz to Netlify with mLab DB (paid plans)
It will also cover my monthly domain rates.
A part of it I'll give back to the open source community by donating or Patreon.
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