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This is a pun about bucks, like y'know, male deer. At this level I will appreciate your contribution exactly one dollar worth per month. Also, I will respond to every comment anyone makes on any post!!!!!!!! 

All Patrons will receive a special role on the Discord server. I don't know what it's for yet. 
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This one is not a pun. If you choose this level I will appreciate it 5 times as much as if you chose the 1 dollar tier, though we're working on an algorithm to scale my appreciation relative to your income. Ha ha ha. 

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You have unlocked the power of megawolf. Limited number available to present an image of exclusivity. 

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About AC Stuart

I make comics about wolves. I am setting up this Patreon because many people have said that I should. I will continue to make wolf comics and now when people say, "Do you have a Patreon?", I can link to this. Awoo. Everyone who contributes at any level also gets to see special comics about Socialist Jeremy the Fitness Wolf. 

As of September 16, 2020, I am rolling my additional project, Word Squirrels, into this Patreon, as I don't want people who are fans of both works to feel any pressure to support in more than one place. 

Here is a Discord server:

My plan is to continue Awoo comics several times per week, as well as bonus panels as inspiration strikes, until my life becomes too busy or if I'm sick or something. There is also merchandise available on my teespring, including t-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc. You can get a discount on that stuff by being a Megawolf, though obviously being a Megawolf is its own reward. 

The primary reason to pledge is a happy feel-good feeling. Yippee! I hope you have a wonderful day. Awoo.
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I will buy an actual wolf and keep it in my studio apartment, unless I find out that is illegal or it seems hard. 
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