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About Mako + HannaPhilip

We want to create manga – it's our dream and ambition. Our hope is, if you're reading this, you are enjoying the manga we've produced so far–the completed fantasy romance Only In Your Dreams (on Tapas and Webtoon) and/or the ongoing tech-fantasy yuri romance/action Princess × Pistolier (Tapas and Webtoon).

We also hope that you want to help us make more manga to share with you (and the rest of the world). Since, you know, people gotta eat and computers cost money.

By pledging to chip in, you're helping keep HannaPhilip fed and the art tools running.

We've got lots of (mostly yuri) ideas. If you like the stories we've got to tell, we'd be forever grateful if you chip in to help make them into (mostly yuri) manga.

Pledging works like this:

If you pledge at least a dollar a month, you get access to the Patron feed, which will include high-resolution pages of whatever series we’re currently working on (mostly Princess × Pistolier), generally posted a few days ahead of anywhere else on the web. Yay!

If you want to chip in more, or want fancier goodies, it works like this:

For $5, you will get our heartfelt thanks, and also access to extra-generous-Patron-only posts that include high-resolution PDFs of individual Princess x Pistolier chapters, as well as any one-shot short stories we might make in the future.

For $20, you will get heaps of good wishes from us, and also access awesome-super-generous-Patron-only posts with high-resolution PDFs of the entire Only In Your Dreams and Book 1 of Princess × Pistolier. PDFs of future books will also be added once the books are in print.

If you're only in it for the goodies, you can pledge, wait until your pledge goes through, go back through the posts and download whatever PDFs you're excited about, then drop your pledge amount down.  Or you can be even more awesome and keep your pledge going anyway!

Whether you an afford to help us out or not, thanks for reading what we’ve got to share!
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If we somehow manage get to this level, I will do a little happy dance, and HannaPhilip will do everything possible to draw at least 20 pages a month of Princess × Pistolier.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts

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