A. W. Sommers is creating art works

Level I: Patron Of The Arts

$1 /mo

  • You are a patron of the arts! I thank you, truly. I am extremely grateful for any amount.

Level II: Pen Pals

$6 /mo

  • A new 4 x 6" signed postcard-print of a recent painting sent bi-monthly (on the even months). 
  • Patrons are the first to know when new work hits my Big Cartel shop.

Level III: Behind The Curtain

$15 /mo

  • Access to the paywall Digest Posts-- the Real Meat of my work-practice, which only shows up now and then on my social media pages. You'll get detailed work-in-progress shots, gifs, a...

Level IV: Monthly Care Package

$25 /mo

  • Every month, you’ll get an envelope with a goodie in it-- maybe a little original drawing or painting, zine and stickers, or a tiny embroidery! I take requests!
  • A code for ...