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About Ethan Nicolle

Thanks for coming to the Axe Cop Patreon Page. I started this page because I know there are a lot of people who want to see more Axe Cop material and are bummed that we haven't been updating. One project I have wanted to take on has been going through all the old notes I took from creative brainstorms with Malachai and draw it. Make more comics out of it. Take stuff that never made it into a story and just sketch it and share it. Look, I have a lot:

And that's just notebooks. I have tons of old audio I recorded, video, Google Docs and notes I took on my phone as well.

This would be a lot of work, and that is why I have not done it yet. But with financial support I can justify spending the time on it and I would love to create a whole body of "chopped" Axe Cop material.

For an example of what this would look like, see this recent entry on featuring details about Wexter's Dad.  A lot of them would be like this, sketches to complement the text. Others would be mini comics and Ask Axe Cop style strips.  

Whatever you pledge is per update, so what you see in that link is the kind of thing you would be supporting. If you want more of that, this Patreon campaign is for you. I would probably be doing this once a week. If I decide to do more than twice a week I will send out a message with a warning, in case you want to change your pledge.

I am calling this material Unchopped since it's all material that was originally chopped mostly because it didn't fit into whatever current story I was trying to tell, or it was a story we never finished. I will also feature characters we never used, scenes, scenarios, etc. 

I am not going to be offering much in the way of perks because that adds more work and the more work I commit to here, the less I will get done. I will say this, if you are a Patreon supporter I'll prioritize answering messages from you if you have questions. And if you have ideas for perks that are easy and digital I am all ears.

Thanks for supporting Unchopped. I'm excited to dig and tell the untold tales.
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