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per fully elaborated piece of art
5$ will unlock free sketches during my streaming sessions as announced on deviantart. Currently this is the only way of requesting artwork from me as i decided to shut down any form of commissions in order to reduce the "workload" that my hobby is putting on me.
But everyone who decides to support me here should earn the privilidge of recieving at least a sketch drawn by me LIVE on picarto.
Please consider that ill only accept those requests right on the stream and will draw them there immediately. Streams will usually start afternoon GMT which is morning across america. I will make it a habit of announcing these streams at least an hour prior to its start on deviantart. http://ayanamifan.deviantart.com/
Additionally, if you follow me on picarto : https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=aya... you will automatically get notified when such a stream is launching.
During the streams ill always reserve an hour or more to draw requests for you guys. In the unlikely even that more than 4 of you participate in one session i will randomly select one after the other.
per fully elaborated piece of art
Higher tier, higher rewards. Of course everyone who pledges 10$ or more will recieve free sketches during my streams (see 5$ pledge for description) but i will make requests from you guys a priority during my streaming sessions, meaning that ill always do AT LEAST one of your requests before i take care of the rest.
Similar to above, if multiple 10$+ supporters participate in a stream at the same time, luck will decide who is first.
In any case ill try to keep the time limit for free sketches as described above, but ill strech it if needed for you guys.
Also if any of the sketches i do for you guys look promising, there is a chance i will select one of them and elaborate them to a full patreon worthy upload!  Essentially that would be a fully painted or shaded picture of your choosing for laughable 10$. Dont think anyone will say no to that.




per fully elaborated piece of art

About ayanamifan

Hey there. If you are reading these chances are, you already know my work from deviantart.com and are considering to support my artwork financially. In the past i have been doing commissions on an unregular basis due to the fact that i simply dont have the free time to offer commissions on a regular basis. Your pledge will help to push me to produce more and better artwork than ever.
The money collected from these pledges will also be used to commission other talented artists for more great artwork for all of us to enjoy as well as helping to aquire new hardware and software to enhance my efficiency and the quality of my artwork and streams.
The frequency of new art uploads will still highly depend on the ammount of free time at hand, but i will aim to on average produce one complete piece of art per month at least.

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