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About Timothy "aytimothy" Chew

Thank you for visiting my Patreon Page!
I'm Timothy Chew, and I'm currently in University studying Computer Science with a passion for film, IT and games. In my spare time, I like to film, code, tinker with stuff, create content for games or teaching randoms (on request) how to create things.

If you've been linked to this page, you pretty much saw one of my various projects and chose to visit the page to make a donation to help me fund my passion.

Currently, you may know me as 'aytimothy' working on the following projects:

At the moment I may not able to provide any rewards; maybe perhaps sneak peaks or polls into what I should do next as I get more time to spend on these, but every dollar counts into letting me move from my current job into what I like to do best; follow my passion; work on random stuff, and see what sticks.

You can find me on these Discord(s) as aytimothy#0919:
Thanks for visiting my Patreon page, and thank you even more, if you chose to donate.

Oh yeah: Project P.E.T. has a Patreon page too, but all money goes to Darklexzx, if you're looking for that. Proceeds from this page funds whatever I'm working on at the moment, so some money may go towards that instead, if I'm working on that at the current moment.

Finally, any momentary (one-time) donations, please make them here (PayPal direct) or here (Ko-Fi).
$0 of $100 per month
With $100 a month, I afford to supplement my own budget to work a lot faster; get better tools, and spend less time doing things by hand (through manual methods). This basically is upkeep (hosting, services, etc.) and also removes all advertising (if any).
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