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Someone drew doodles in your magic textbook... It may have been me.

Get access to Siobhan's illustrated Grimoire pages on spells, the mechanics of magic, and interesting things she writes down about the world around her.

This is also the tier for people who just want to support me but may not have a lot of available income for the higher tiers. Thank you!

Also included:
  • 4 high-resolution e-Poster/background images for PGTS, big enough to have printed and framed on your wall. 
All Patrons can to vote on new Goal Rewards and anything else that comes up.


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These artifact eyeglasses let you see into the future. 

Get the next chapter of A Practical Guide to Sorcery right now, always one update ahead.

Listen to pre-release chapters of the final audiobook in the Seeds of Chaos Series, Gods of Ash and Amber.

Also included: 
  • All current Grimoire pages. 
  • 4 high-resolution e-Poster/background images for PGTS. 
(Access the advance chapter by logging in to Patreon and then going to the chapter on my website. It will recognize you automatically and remove the lock. (Same for pre-release audio chapters, here: ))


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I've hired a prognos to do some divination for you. 

Get the next THREE chapters of A Practical Guide to Sorcery right now, and stay three updates ahead. 
Also included: 
  • All current Grimoire pages
  • 4 high-resolution e-Poster/background images for PGTS.
  • Pre-release audiobook chapters
(Access the advance chapters by logging in to Patreon and then going to the chapter on my website. It will recognize you automatically and remove the lock.)




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About Azalea Ellis

February 2021 Special Offer

I'm excited to announce a Special Offer I'm running along with the launch of the first book in A Practical Guide to Sorcery, A Conjuring of Ravens! This offer is available for only two weeks, through February 26.

All pledges at $7 or more will receive a faux-celerium Conduit keychain (in our world it's known as raw quartz). This level also includes early access to the next 3 chapters of the story, which will be getting into Book 2, A Binding of Blood, and all the illustrated excerpts from Siobhan's grimoire.

Pledges at $25 or more will also receive a personalized paperback copy of the book, with your name in it and a message from me on the first page, along with a signed bookplate sticker I designed for this story. The bookplate sticker is meant to go inside the book, but you can do whatever you want with it.

My goal here is to reach the 25 patrons milestone. When we reach that point, I will post an extra 2 chapters within the following week.

If we hit 35 total patrons, I will post a map of University grounds, big enough to have printed, and an omake chapter that you guys give suggestions for and vote on. It can be from any side character's POV, and explore their experience of something that happened in A Conjuring of Ravens. Want to know what happened with the coppers or the Morrows after their fight with Siobhan at the end of Book 1? Want to know what a random side student feels like going to class with Sebastien Siverling, who doesn't remember their name even after months in the same dorm and same classes? Want to see what schemes the girl who has a crush on Sebastien comes up with to get his attention? You guys decide what you want to see (though I will veto anything that would disrupt the plot, like seeing into an important character's head on a topic that is supposed to remain hidden,) and I will write it.

If we somehow hit 50 total patrons by February 26, I will post 4 bonus chapters within a week, a map of University grounds, and either 2 omake chapters or 1 omake and your choice of Siobhan's next illustrated grimoire excerpt.

What if I only pledge at $ 7+ for one month, then stop?
You will still get the Conduit keychain/personalizd paperback/bookplate sticker, as well as my thanks for your support, and will just lose access to the normal rewards of whatever tier you chose after your month of membership is up, like advance chapters and the grimoire excerpts.

What if I pledge at less than $7?
I won't be able to send you any of the bonus physical gifts, but you will still get access to whatever rewards are available at the tier you choose, and you still get my sincere gratitude. Plus, if we get to the goal milestones, while you may not get early access to chapters, you'll still get multiple releases in a week, and you'll get the map and the omake chapter(s) at even the lowest tier! Patrons can be at any level--they do not need to be at $7 or above.

I'm already a Patron, what about me?
You're set to get whatever rewards are available at your tier without doing anything. If you're below the level for physical goods like the personalized paperback, and you would like to get them, you'll need to upgrade your tier before the 26th.

What if I pledge at one of the higher tiers, like Archmage or Free-Caster?
You will get all of the the special offer gifts, as well as whatever rewards come with your tier normally. A spell of your design in the official story, or a short story with the characters and prompt of your choice.

Update December 2020: For those who are eager to listen to the pre-release chapters of the final audiobook in the Seeds of Chaos series, Gods of Ash and Amber, join as a $5 (Journeyman) patron or higher, then click that link.
My standard introduction:
Hey there,

I'm Azalea, a science fiction and fantasy author. 

I love writing fiction, and hopefully you love reading it.

I hope to be able to continue releasing free chapters to those who can afford to help me out monetarily as well as those who can’t. Serializing is also a great way to generate discussions and really give a chance for fans to interact with the story, each other, and me along the way, which I love.

But I still need to be able to pay the bills. If you’d like to support me and the stories I write, consider buying one of my books or supporting me through a donation.

As a special thank you to those who support me on a monthly basis, I offer some bonuses based on the amount.

What I've Written:
I'm most well known for my Seeds of Chaos series. It's a LitRPG/science fiction story about a girl who starts out getting kidnapped and injected with a GPS tracker, a bomb in her brain, and the ability to level up, and ends up fighting alien gods for their power.

I'm currently working on a semi-rational, hard fantasy series, A Practical Guide to Sorcery, with one book completed and more in progress.

This story features an amateur-rational, intelligent main character who will do anything to learn magic.
The only problem? She's just been banned from the country's only magical university.
If the only way back in is to borrow tuition from a gang of criminals and magically disguise herself as a boy to keep from being arrested...
Well, small price to pay.

Read serialized chapters free on my website:

Buy the first book:

The books in this series will be published everywhere ebooks are sold along the way, but I hope to be able to leave the serialized chapters free.
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25 Patrons: Double Bonus Chapters!
I'll post two bonus chapters, in addition to the regular chapter, within a week of hitting this goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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