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About Azazal

Meow, I'm Azazal.

Firstly: I would love to thank everyone for the support I received when I lost everything in that housefire. If it wasn't for that help, I would not be able to produce right now. I am very lucky to have such good fans and friends online and really there is no way to thank you enough for that. Even though my first release was Tabby in 2016, I have dedicated my life since age 13 back in 2012 to music production.

Why I'm Making a Patreon: My main goal has always been to have as many people enjoying my music as possible, so I've always made sure my everything is free to download. Supporting it with money has always been optional! However, this is my living. I pay my rent and bills and everything off of my music, so giving my music out free requires me to make up the money any way I can. Gaining enough support on Patreon will mean I'll never have to stop giving the option for free downloading. With living expenses I don't have a ton to work with, so any support is extremely appreciated! Thank you!

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And here's a quick look at the serum skin reward:

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Thank you! Once I make it this far I can start doing so much more. Not only will this mean more frequent releases, but I'll start streaming my production process and whatever you all would be interested in.
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