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About Zed Edgeton

Hello! My name is Zed and I am a TransGenderQueer artist.

First of all: thanks for being here!! I decided to start a Patreon for many reasons but here are a few:

1. I don't want to always be a starving artist! Creating videos takes a long time (up to 10 hours and more!) Patreon allows me to get some resemblance of a salary for creating my art, through your support. 

2. Youtube is the largest platform for video creators and is notoriously horrible at monetizing videos made by Trans creators. I simply cannot wait for them to pay me for my video views and frankly I do not want to. Which leads to...

3. I do not want any outside business or corporation having any sway in what I create. I believe that good art is political. It is controversial. It can provide a very honest and raw insight into the shit we just don't want to look at. So I want to go deeper and deeper into my art form without any sort of influence of "what if they don't monetize me and I can't pay rent?".

4. Community. The online world can be so dehumanizing and often a giant bully. Patreon is a space that I can control. It is a space where I can show you my videos, my art and have real, meaningful conversations with you and a larger community.

Fashion and makeup have always been so important to me. I do not believe having an interest in self expression through these ways is inherently bad, however, many corporations have taken this desire and used it against us. We are now being held to racist, classist, sexist (the list goes on) standards of beauty that are totally unachievable and dehumanizing. We are made to feel bad about ourselves so that we buy more things to try and feel better. The reality is that the fashion and makeup empire has become a giant oppressive force. I want to offer lessons in makeup that aren't here for my profit but for yours, so that you can express yourself however the hell you want. I personally had to sit through countless hours of "beautiful" white women teaching me how to do my makeup in order to express myself how I wanted. I fell into the traps of consumerism. Not to mention these videos made me feel all sorts of weird gender feelings. But it's all I had and I have a desire to bring my own voice into the mix so that others have more options.

For centuries decorating and embellishing ourselves has been a large part of human culture. It is an art form and a medium I love. I use makeup to explore identity as a white person, trans person and well, a person. I use makeup to explore politics and oppression. I use makeup to explore philosophy and lore. I use makeup to feel good about myself and just look damn hot (lets be real). I've always been an artist and I've explored so many different mediums but I have found such a love for the world of makeup and fashion. So I have been dedicating so much time into these videos and would love to be able to dedicate more time and resources towards them.

I hope that you will join me on this journey and become a patron of mine. If you can't afford to be one right now, no worries at all! All my videos will remain public for anyone to see. If you are interested in being one, please check out all the different tiers and fun things you receive with each one. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my Patreon!!!

<3 <3 <3

$17 of $22 per month
At this amount I will be able to pay for my monthly adobe creative cloud (photoshop) subscription which helps me to edit photos like adding backgrounds, cropping and making gifs for my website and social media sites.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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