B4BEL4B is creating an Artist-Run Gallery + Community Space

5 Dollars

$5 /mo
Every little bit counts towards keeping our space alive! Thank you for believing in and supporting what we do! 

10 Dollars

$10 /mo
The price of one sandwich in the Bay Area will help towards the continued existence of our gallery!

20 Dollars

$20 /mo
Just less than the cost of one uber between SF and Oakland will help keep us operating!

50 Dollars

$50 /mo
You've covered half the cost of printing materials for one show! 

100 Dollars

$100 /mo
You've covered the cost of insurance for one evening for a small art opening!

250 Dollars

$250 /mo
The cost of one artist stipend for a group exhibition - you're helping us make sure all of our artists get paid!

500 Dollars

$500 /mo
You've covered the cost of Utilities for one month, and will get a mention on our website as a supporter (if desired)!

1000 Dollars

$1,000 /mo
This covers the cost of materials and fees for one small exhibition, and we will list you as a sponsor (if desired)!