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About B4 The Other Creations

B4 The Other Creations
In its inaugural season, B4 The Other Creations is reaching communities all over the world with it’s in demand methods for out of the box thinking. Pushing the bounds of experience and language exploration for artists and educators. Offering original devised theatrical productions, educational outreach, community building, and leadership mentoring through the lens of generosity, effort, risk, and vulnerability. On our way to becoming a 501c3 Non Profit and rippling into the world.

In 2019, B4 will also be producing the World Premiere of "Being For The Other". An immersive theatrical deep dive into personal and community effort. This production will incorporate some of the essential exercises that B4 uses in it's educational workshops and multi-week residencies.

B4 is rooted in the Berkshires of Massachusetts but travel across the United States, Europe, and Asia for educational residencies, professional development, and original performances. So far this year B4 has traveled to Indonesia, Taiwan, Massachusetts, Texas, Miami, Vermont and Utah to teach and create. Please refer to Our Workshop Offerings to see what programming content you can bring to your community!

Our process is a breaking of societal conditioning in order to get back to our hearts in every system life puts us in. Offering people a look into their professional and personal lives with tools to reawaken courage, inspiration, and change for themselves and their community. Yes, we are facilitating the process of creation but what comes out of it is a deep understanding of listening, communication, equality, passion, conscious choice making, emotional intelligence, community building, and leadership. Understanding that this work transcends language, age, and culture was important in taking steps forward to creating this company and seeing the many paths we can all pave. B4 will continue to evolve in process as we make space in the world to hold this new kind of work.

Our Mission: B4 The Other Creations strives to build stronger communities by holding space for the common experience through education and performance. Changing the language to change the story to one of abundance by deep diving into the core values of effort, risk, buoyancy, generosity, and vulnerability. Paving a path of Vibrational Activism in our everyday world.

How many people do you know who willingly step into the unknown with joy and availability?

There is no path that is already carved out for us, we are paving our own. 
One foot #B4TheOther.
Mahalo, thank you, for your time and consideration.
- Co Founders & Vibrational Activists
Malia'Kekia Nicolini & Christopher J. Beaulieu
[email protected]

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When this happens B4 will hire a marketing director to reinforce the B4 Mission by establishing "The North Shire Fringe Fest" in the north county of The Berkshires, Massachusetts!
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