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If this ever takes off and I end up adding more tiers, all the original supporters will be moved to their own special tier gaining more perks.

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You want to support me with more than $1 a month, so just for this tier I will send you custom holiday cards of me and my battle station every holiday.

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Along with everything in the 1 dollar tier, I will sit down with you and help you learn something or just teach you something.  Also you get a nice fancy role on the discord.




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About Benign King

Hey I'm Benign King and I make random stuff, a lot of random stuff and I want to share it all with you free of charge. I also want to help you learn and make your own projects in the future.

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$9 of $10 per month
This will support my occasional trips to taco bell, and I will film myself eating said taco bell.

I will make any bot you people vote on.
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