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Dog Tier

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You'll get an album of all the stuff I've made for that month including:
  • Finished songs not yet put on any album.
  • Unfinished song or ideas.
  • Free downloads of all current and future releases.
  • Pretty much any and all "content" I make each month. (This includes art!)
  • Information about each piece included in the monthly upload.
  • Credits in all future releases.
  • Discord access.

  • Monthly uploads
  • Discord Access

Smelly Dog Tier

per month
Everything in Dog Tier plus:
  • Curated memes and audio shitposts.
  • Give me whatever kind of meme or shitpost concept you want done, and to the best of my ability, I will make it a reality.
  • Limited to audio.
  • Turn around time is a few hours to a day or two.
This is the meme commission tier. To be fair this doesn't have to be just for memes, but it's what sells ;)
Visit for a general idea.
(These creations will be added to the Monthly uploads, unless specified otherwise by the requestor.)
  • Monthly uploads
  • Meme Commissions
  • Discord Access




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About Babbitt

Hello I'm Riley Babbitt, with 2 b's and 2 t's. I've been making music for 15 years and you can listen to all of it for free online at either or

What this Patreon is here for:
Provide monthly uploads of everything I make during each month for those who want to hear it. This is entirely for you and your listening pleasure; I want to make you stuff we both enjoy. A lot of what I make only reaches my ears so this will be an opportunity for you to hear my entire musical output. I will also be periodically uploading collections of older tracks that have not been properly released either, as well as sample packs frequently.
I will also be explaining my sampling processes as well as origins of various samples used throughout my music time frame. These will be included in the monthly uploads in the form of a text document. On that note, each upload will include little blurbs of information about each track.
(For the Smelly Dog tier, samples and stems will be organized in the format that I use them, so enjoy the wonderful mess! Samples may be in either .wav or .mp3 format.)

I have three main projects regarding my music; Babbitt, aimaiishitsu, and Sweat.
Babbitt is just me: not set to any genre most of the time, expect a lot of sampling, house, crunchy basses and sometimes video game music.
aimaiishitsu is a crying anime girl afraid of the world. Also my technogaze/breakgaze breakcore side project.
Sweat is a fucking memelord trash pile that everyone hates.

One last thing:
If you are a creator of some kind, be it video games, music, animation, whatever, I am totally fine with you using my music in your projects! 100%! (as long as it isn't heinous.) No credit is necessary, but greatly appreciated. All I ask in return is that, whoever/whatever inspires you, fills you with motivation to continue creating your wonderful and meaningful art, that you help spread their name and work and, with love, take what they've given you and run with it. Sampling is what keeps us alive.

aimaii + babbitt
$10.44 of $200 per month
I will create a vinyl batch of the album In Contrast To Altered Reality by aimaiishitsu. 25 copies. (it will look absolutely amazing you have no idea!!!!!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
Audio release

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