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Hey, I'm Poncie and I produce Babes of Science!

What is Babes of Science? Babes of Science is a podcast about women who contributed to science, technology, health, engineering or math (basically, STEM). You can subscribe to the series on iTunes or Stitcher, or search your podcast app of choice.

Who is a Babe of Science? All the Babes are dead, all of them are badass, and all of them changed the way that people think about science.

So....Marie Curie? Yes, but also Rosalind Franklin, Ada LovelaceHedy Lamarr, and many many more. Marie Curie has a dramatic story and a Nobel prize, but there are tons women who did not receive flashy awards for their science. And even if the Babes did win an award, you might not have heard of them: think Barbara McClintock or Rosalyn Yalow.

Wait, I thought there were no women in science until recently? Surprise! There have been women contributing to science for as long as there has been science. Many worked in teams where men received most of the credit, and many got forgotten.

But who are you and why are you making this show? I'm a former scientist turned science journalist. I studied biology at Stanford but never found the community that I wanted in academia...although every so often I consider heading back to study the history of science. You can read more about my work here.

So why should I donate? Supporting the show through Patreon helps me keep making Babes of Science -- that means poring through archives & out of circulation library books, interviewing historians, writing & producing episodes and maintaining a space on the internet for all the Babes of Science stuff you'll want to check out. But there's a couple of reach goals, like funding a reporting trip or two and starting a swag shop.

How does pledging work? I've opted for a per episode pledge, which means that each time I share an episode, you pay the amount you pledge. You won't pay me for any gaps between seasons -- you'll only pay for what you receive. For 6ish months of the year, episodes will be every other week, so you'll pay twice your pledge amount each month. And then there will be a dry spell, where you won't pay me anything. With your support, I hope to produce more episodes and release them for more months out of the year!
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Let's get Babes into the Black!
These are all the not-so-sexy but essential costs: to host a website, store the literal sound files somewhere on the internet, find books for research, and keep my recording hardware and editing software up & running. Plus, I use a lot of free music to score the show, and I would love to support these generous musicians in their work. The Babes of Science bank account has been my bank account...so meeting this goal means I can produce episodes and get Babes into the black!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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