is creating content to decolonize and re-indigenize mamahood and midwifery.
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The ocean holds us together: Yemaya. With this contribution, you will get everything above PLUS my daughter, Zi who writes poems, makes slime and plant medicine to address mental/physical/spiritual health, and records songs on her computer. 

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About Babymamahood

Hi, my name is Juju Angeles and I support families through revolutionary birth work, hood and herbal scholarship, and decolonized parenting. In 2014, I started Babymamahood to give hope for myself and for single mamas in the hood.

I became a mama in 2007 and had my daughter, Zion. People are often inspired on how Zion and me find ways to alchemize our love for one another and create solutions out of our struggle, so much so that last year, (2018), I was asked to make a film with a friend. 

In 2012, I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from SUNY Purchase. It was such a transformational time for me because I (along with my family and community) graduated from college with five year old Zion, who walked the stage with me! (I cannot wait to share that footage). 

In 2014, I moved to the Bay Area to work as a Program Coordinator for an afterschool program in San Francisco with no housing and while being houseless. I have spent my time before that as a Writing Specialist and Poet working in churches, shelters, and schools. 

In 2017, after employing prayer and ceremony, we found permanent housing, and I sought out a therapist to heal from Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). I would love to share what I learned and the ancestral modalites I was taught through language, song and ceremony to heal and repair our stolen legacy. 
Presently, I am a community birth worker (doula) and lay herbalist. My love and passion is to assist all pregnant people, especially single mothers, poor folks, and black and indigenous pregnant people who are interested in holistic wellness and healing, but who find it inaccessible.

I loooove this work so much that I do it for free, but since I am going to go to school to become a midwife, I need to make this work sustainable, so I am inviting YOU to contribute to my Patreon, so I can continue to provide free and low cost birth and postpartum support to folks who need it the most. When folks say things like, why don't you apply to grants, I always find that interesting because grants are funded my the systems that oppress us and would compromise the integrity of this work which is decolonization and re-indigenize.


When you pledge, your money will go towards creating and retaining support so that I can finish my midwifery studies and provide free to very low cost care for Black and Indigenous pregnant and birthing people. Monies will go towards providing childbirth education, lactation support, grief and loss support for miscarriages and abortion, fertility support, and nutritional counseling. I will also have the funds needed to travel and learn traditional midwifery care and for other workshops for our professional development. If and when I raise more money, I want to hire a black and indigenous filmmaker to finish our film, Babymamahood. I would also like to hire an editor as I am currently working on a book about traditional childbirth and have short stories, memoirs and poems that I would like to share. 


In exchange, I will provide you with content that I study and the content that I create but do not regularly share. The art, prayers, songs, and plants that I work with are a part of my own healing journey. But, my patrons members will have inside access to the workshops I have taught, my writing, prose, and poetry. I will even share videos and images documenting this journey into motherhood, herbalism, spirituality, and midwifery. 

Your support means that Zion and I can provide free care to families who otherwise cannot afford to afford a Doula or a Midwife. It also means that I get to continue to be a revolutionary caretaker of my daughter, family, and community. As well as it will help me fund my midwifery studies and propel me to find the confidence to share my art and life with the world. 


Patreon provides a decentralized space for the people (all power to the people!)  to fund the work that I do. Grant writing and scholarships tends to stifle the work and doesn't allow me to provide the 1 on 1 support my audience, clients, and family needs. Your support will allow me to remember and reclaim the indigenous technology that was taken away. Patrons allow me to do the work without the oppression and censorships of institutions or corporations. When you pledge you will receive benefits depending on the tier you choose. Each tier is inspired by an Orisa, an elemental force founded in Afrikan spirituality. Below you will find what each monthly dollar amount will get you. 

Egungun, Our Ancestors
Everyone has access to their Egun, their ancestors. 

  • A personal thank you note
  • 1 post a month

The Road Opener
Is Eshu, known for opening the way

  • Personal thank you note
  • 2 post a month

The Mother of the Salt Water
Yemaya, houses all of her children. She is the other of all. 
  • Everything at $3 tier, plus:
  • 1 piece of Zion's content (recipe, video, writing, or an mp3 of one of her songs)

King of the White Cloth
Obatala, the crown of everyone's Ori, purpose.

  • Everything at $7 tier, plus:
  • Early release of Babymamahood podcast
  • Will be the first to know of our hand&heart made products launched in our herbal apothecary 

The Bringer of Sweetness
Oshun, the warrior for the feminine. 

  • Everything in $16 tier, plus:
  • You will have access to my candid content describing my motherhood, hood scholarship, and reproductive justice work.
  • Early access to behind the scenes blog-posts, podcast, vidoes, and writing. 

The Purveyor of Change
The one who brings change swift and directly: Oya. 
  • Everything from the $55 dollar tier 
  • An herbal box every three months

Or.... You can give, 
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You can donate any amount you want outside of these tiers. Just name your price.

With all these tiers, you can cancel at anytime, but why would you want to? You get art, history, culture, images, videos and words. While People of Color get radical, revolutionary, and traditional full spectrum repoductive care!

Thank you for reading. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing my process in this work.
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  • Allows me to support one family for free (3 prenatals, on call, unlimited phone and text support, present for the labor & birth, 2 postpartum visits, and all materials for each family) &
  • Launch a weekly Radical Childbirth call for free open to everyone interested in learning more about birth, abortion, loss, or the postpartum period.
  • Allows me to cover my basic expenses. 
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