is creating computer-aided composition in Max

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Ouverture patron
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Ouverture patrons get access to bach prereleases, and their name appears in the list of donors. 

Patrons also get a key to remove bach splash screen for a full solar year (splash screen will appear from version 0.8.1).

Well-tempered patron
per month

Well-tempered patrons can submit feature requests and have exclusive access to video tutorials. This is in addition to the benefits of Ouverture patrons.

A small number of videos introducing easy topics will be accessible to everyone; Well-tempered patrons will also be able to access a larger, and more advanced, set of video tutorials covering specific aspects of patching in bach, and making computer-aided composition in Max. 

(We think that these videos may prove useful to get accustomed to the bach environment, and hence it would be a pity if they would not be eventually available for a larger public. However, we promise to Well-tempered patrons that they will be the only ones able to access them for at least for 1 year from their publication date).

Brandenburg patron
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In addition to all the benefits of Well-tempered patrons, Brandenburg patrons can suggest topics for new videos tutorials and will have their name listed both in the bach website and in the bach overview as "top supporter" (if kept for at least one year)




We develop and support the bach package for Max, aimed at easing real-time computer-aided composition and musical representation. This patronage is crucial: bach exists also because some people have chosen to support us economically, and we cannot thank them enough for that. If you are willing to do the same, you'll also have access to prereleases, video tutorials, and more.

Why should I contribute?

Developing and maintaining the bach project is a huge work, which has been taking significant effort and a good chunk of our time since 2010. Most of the work is on the core system (bach), a freelance project with no institutional support: we rely on Patreon to try to make it sustainable for us.

If you think that bach is not worth your money, or if you can’t afford to pay anything, that's absolutely ok and you then should not contribute.

However, if you think that bach is useful and if you can afford to pay us as little as a cup of coffee per month, then you might want to contribute, because this will help keeping bach alive, maintained, and free for everyone.

What do I get for contributing?

As we said, contributions are targeted to keeping bach alive, supported and free. The most important thing you get, we hope, is the warm feeling of being part of a family that makes all of this possible!

All Patrons obtain a code to remove the bach splash screen in their patches for the whole solar year (on the other hand, removing the splash screen from standalones is unfortunately more complicated, and might require particular arrangements).

In addition, Patrons get several benefits: from early access to prereleases, all the way up to private Skype/Google Hangouts meeting for the top tier (passing through a set of exclusive video tutorials and the possibility to submit feature requests).
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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