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About Back Page Comics

Hi.  My name is Dave and I love comics.  So much I started making my own!  I've founded Back Page Comics because of my love of comics and wanting to create something fun for everyone.

Here at Back Page Comics, we specialize in full color webcomics, action-packed stories and lots of fun!

Starting with the new year, Back Page Comics will be focused more on productions of one-shot comics.  This has started already with the one-shot feature Star Ember: Origins.  Over time I'll be producing more comics for characters that I just have to tel their stories.

Still fun.  Still action-packed.  Still on the web.

What do you get out of this?

Access to all the one-shots, updates, exclusive art and access to pdf versions of content.

Thank you so much for reading!  
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A weekly pop-culture podcast hosted by Back Page Comics founder Dave Amorando, with guests, commentary and more!
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